‘Magic Love Worldwide’ Contest For Guitarists!

18 travnja, 2015 in News by Stjepan Juras

In 1993, when the song ‘Magic Love’ was released from the album bearing the same name, during the cruelest war events in the Balkan region, the universal message of magical, timeless love surpassed by far all the hatred and evil that had come with the war. While in the song ‘Maida’ the guitar weeped and screamed, describing the war suffering of a tragically deceased little girl, ‘Magic Love’ awoke a hope that one day a magical love will erase all the tears and lead us to a brave new world. Although precisely those two songs on the aforementioned album did not have any lyrics, they said so much more through the screaming and unrepeatable melodic sensitivity of Zele Lipovača’s guitar, than all other written lyrics. The saying goes – A picture is worth a thousand words, but Zele’s gutar cries and sings and rejoices and mourns…

‘Magic Love’ is one of the most beautiful guitar songs ever recorded, and it put its author and performer Zele Lipovača into a class of remarkable, easily recognizable authors and musicians, who through their style and unique artistry made the world a better place.

In this huge giveaway, you fans, and every musician who appreciates a top-notch performance, have the chance to show us how you see and feel a magical love. Further you will find an MP3 audio of the original song from 1993, as well as the original matrix, without the recorded solo guitar in wav format. All you need to do is record your guitar interpretation in high quality to ‘Magic Love’ matrix, and sent your tape in MP3 format back to us by 1st of June, 2015. In short, this is what you need to do:

– Download the original version of’ Magic Love’ song (1993) from www.zele-music.com (MP3 file)
– Download the original ‘Magic Love’ matrix track (1993) from www.zele-music.com (WAV file)
– Play and record your interpretation of ‘Magic Love’ with your guitar over the original matrix track
– Send us your recorded version of the ‘Magic Love’ song in MP3 format on our email info@fullmetalservice.com
– Send us your name, surname, date of birth and your home address
– Our deadline for your emails is June 1st 2015.
– The winner will get a chance to record a single with Zele in the nearly future

CLICK HERE and download Magic Love song.