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Annual membership is a custom membership which includes package of FMS services. However, our package is regulated through individual contracts between FMS and the band in question, which specify in detail all obligations of both parties. In this case, FMS doesn’t only offer separate services; FMS becomes something akin to a full management service for the band. The parties create the band’s strategy and act accordingly. Each band can choose its own approach, because each one has different preferences (e.g. some bands want to find a label, while others already have a label and are looking to book clubs, purchase buy-on slots, etc.). The contract specifies goals which MUST be fulfilled within a time frame. Regardless of the band’s potential success within the contract time frame, FMS will not require even a cent more than the fee specified in the contract. The specified membership fee is all that is required from the band. FMS membership need to be paid in advance.

FMS will provide to their members with a huge database of festivals, festival promoters, clubs, concert promoters, booking agencies etc. Also, FMS will help in the search for labels, sponsors etc. We can negotiate with labels, festival promoters, club owners etc. on behalf of the band. We also provide significant discounts for the manufacture of all kinds of merchandise, stage banners and backdrops. Our designers can create modern websites, album covers, booklets, t-shirt designs, and all other kinds of professional design products at spectacular prices. FMS also offers discounts for some of the world’s finest recording studios, buy-on slots with famous metal bands and Japan, Australia, South America and India tours (with no additional provisions from our side). The purchase of instruments through FMS comes with discounts up to 30%, FMS membership also brings the promotional opportunities with the our printed and the online media partners. Apart from the listed media, all part of our agency, FMS also offers PR services for its members and advice in all situations, if necessary. If you wish to rent a van, tour bus, backline, a driver, or anything else, we can provide it at low prices. If you need advice while buying an used instrument or its assessment, feel free to contact us.

It is important to point out that FMS does not track the activities of its members on a daily basis. We are in constant e-mail communication with our members and we expect to hear from them regularly. However, we cannot predict when one of our bands will issue something, when it is available for touring or for purchasing a buy-on slot or tour, when it is available for a festival, etc. If the band does not report on its activities, if it does not cooperate or contacts us for information, the FMS package membership does not have much use. But, if the band cooperates actively with us, only the sky is the limit.

Contact us on, check our conditions and become FMS member!