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Progressive hard rock / metal, stoner rock / metal

In history of music we could see some bands or artists playing in various different locations which are not actually made for gigging, but that didn’t stop the artists doing these performances anyway. One of such performances was a gig by Norwegian progressive hard rock band Vederkast who performed their set at the Olavsvern Naval Base in Tromso, Norway. This complex is actually an underground submarine base, located deep inside the Norwegian mountains. The gig itself was closed for the audiences but luckily these awesome northerners filmed the performance which is available on YouTube. Olavsvern is a decommissioned Royal Norwegian Navy base located outside the city of Tromsø and currently leased to state owned Russian research institutes. Not  sure how the band could actually get hold of this cool space the whole video looks terrific, and accompanied with Vederkast‘s music it is even better.

Vederkast is a band emerging from prolific music scene of Northern Norway. The members come from diverse musical backgrounds: stoner; metal; hardcore; and pop bands. This experience is forged into melodic, heavy hitting, riff laden stories of loss and redemption on their debut album ‘Northern Gothic’, which is available available here. The album is full of forceful musical ambition respectful to, but not bound by, traditional elements of hard rock. The band aims at creating songs that connect to the audience, while at the same time surprising the careful listener. The band is based in Tromsø, a town above the Arctic Circle, where dramatic nature has a profound influence on culture. In Northern Norwegian myth vederkast are enchantments that creatures from the underworld wield wilfully upon the innocent. Vederkast is a curse being inflicted upon man by those from the world beyond this one. It occurs when you least expect it, so find your path and don’t look back.



Paul Aronsen: Vocals / Bass
Finn Fodstad: Guitar / Backing vocals
Sindre Bakland:  Guitar
Magnus Tornensis: Drums / Percussion




2015: Malison
2015: Skirimish

Ful lenght Album:
– 2015: Northern Gothic

Released October 23, 2015
Produced by Yngvar Mehus & Vederkast
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Yngvar Mehus at GRStudios
Recorded at Lydproduksjon studio, Tromsø

All music by Vederkast
All lyrics by Vederkast

Additional guitars and bass by Yngvar Mehus
Skirmish – Cello by Bernt Simen Lund
Malison – Organ by Tarjei Antonsen
My Burden & Meliora – Strings by Bernt Simen Lund,
Julia Neher, Brynjar Lien Schulerud & Andreas Haug

My Burden – String arrangement by Kjetil Andreassen
PR & creative consulting by Maja Sojtaric
Cover design by Sunniva Johannessen

New Vederkast album:



Prog Sphere
Rocking Charts
Metal Temple
House Of Prog
Progressive Music Planet
The Independent Voice
Panorama (No)
Universitas (No)
ITromso (No)

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Malison (Official music video)
My Burden (Live session, NATO submarine base, Olavsvern)
Meliora (Live session, NATO submarine base, Olavsvern)
The View (Live session, NATO submarine base, Olavsvern)
Full live session, including Skirmish. (Live session, NATO submarine base, Olavsvern)

Malison video credits:

Directed by Terje Arntsen
Edited by Mika Martinussen
Music recorded at Lydproduksjon
Mix and master: Yngvar Mehus, Gutterommet studios