Big Underwall festival 2014 competition!

2 rujna, 2013 in News by Stjepan Juras

FMS bands, it is now time for the first prize contest of the 2013/2014 concert season. The Underwall festival, which will be held in Zadar (Croatia) between June 6 and 8, traditionally holds two slots for our members. Two Croatian FMS bands – Agharti and Inceptor – have already been booked for the festival, and they will showcase their debut albums there. Apart from those two slots, there are two other slots – one for an European FMS band, and another for a non-European FMS band. Our panel will select the two winners and publicly announce them on the festival website on September 9, together with other confirmed bands. All bands wishing to apply should send us an e-mail with only the name of the band and a link to their Facebook page, at, after which we will send you further instructions. All bands wishing to appear at Underwall should apply for the contest, and the winners will get free accommodations, rich catering and a 150 EUR fee in order to cover a part of their expenses. Underwall 2014 will feature some of today’s biggest names in metal, rock and punk.