TERRORIZZER MAGAZINE will publish CD with FMS bands!

20 siječnja, 2013 in News by Stjepan Juras


Terrorizer - FMS bandsOne of the biggest and world the most important metal magazine ‘Terrorizer’ will publish special CD ‘Beast From The East’ with some of the most exciting bands from Eastern Europe. This overview of the eastern metal scene will be published within Terrorizer magazine #233, March 2013. Be sure, Eastern metal CD stands as something special for the whole Eastern scene and bands from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland… CD compiled by Stjepan Juras of Full Metal Service and artwork by Violeta Sunic, also from FMS. Partof this amazing CD are also some FMS bands (8); Decomposing Entity, Infernal Tenebra, Rising Dream, Avicularia, Mass Hypnosis, Burning Circle, Inceptor and Rapid Strike.