INNER SANCTUM, Tour diary video is out!

27 studenoga, 2013 in News by Stjepan Juras

FMS band from India, one of the biggest Indian metal band Inner Sanctum just published their amazing tour blog. They wrote on their Facebook site:

‘Last episode we had our main riff lord Chintan Chinnappa talk about a ‘lot of fucking pussy’ and our skin basher doing a jig while on the road. This week we have our in house art machine and frontman Acid Toad aka Gaurav Basu and our rhythm guitar player Suraj laying down how it is to be on tour! Oh yeah and a whole lot of other nasty stuff that will make you barf…errr we mean laugh! Here is the first episode of all the crazy shit that took place while we were touring Europe earlier this year! Second Episode, next week’