FMS bands featured in Metal Detector magazine #1

1 lipnja, 2013 in News by Stjepan Juras

Full Metal Service just launched Metal Detector printed magazine. In first issue, among lot of great articles you can find more of 10 FMS bands like Avicularia, Warhead, E.N.D, Burning Circle, Sufosia and many more. Check introduction message.

‘Metal Detector is the only printed metal magazine in Croatia and its surrounding region. It covers metal, rock, hard rock, punk, HC, gothic, EBM and all related genres. In this era of internet our mission is to provide our readers with original texts, authors whose work you can trust and through whom you will be able to discover new musical worlds. Today, when most of the online musical journalism consists of copied or transferred texts, instant official announcements of PR agencies, Metal Detector is a magazine which will create and develop its own framework, discover new bands, start new trends and at the same time give the old music legends the treatment they deserve. Thank you for supporting us in our mission.’