DarkForce Design is an independent factory of design creativity established on the beginning of 2012. I am Violeta Šunić, Master of Science in Graphic Technology, Graphic Product Design, from Faculty Of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia, driven by my DarkForce imaginaries. With my burning passion for music and original and creative graphis design, which describes all my visions and interpretations, I started to design effective and very well accepted websites for rock, metal, gothic and all kind of alternative bands, artists, portals, festivals magazines, labels, models, agencies etc. With experience in all kind of music business activities, including booking, promotion, concert production, magazine editing etc, I am more than involved in potential wishes of my clients.

I never quit, and never concede until I am 100% satisfied with my work), communicative, creative, always trying to keep up with the modern trends (both design related and the ones addressing the technology itself and the software) I work with photography as well as design and I try to educate myself in that particular area through various, mostly foreign literature. I believe that photography is very important in the design itself and that's why I try to use my own photos in my design, especially since my college masters thesis was also related to theme of photography. Bands, artist, alternative models etc. are more than welcome in my creative factory driven by my DarkForce.

- Excellent knowledge of the Adobe CS6 package (as well as the older versions) - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premier, AfterEffects, Lightroom, as well as Corel
- Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS website creation
- Excellent knowledge of Wordpress – making and customizing websites through Wordpress
- Work with DSLR cameras, photography with studio lighting

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