D.Hate – New FMS full package member!

25 lipnja, 2014 in News by Stjepan Juras

D.Hate from Ukraine just became FMS full package member! FMS will taking care about this great Ukrainian band. D.HATE is FMS member long time ago, but we decided to improve our collaboration. After the attempt to revive EUPHORIA, one of the most popular bands of Lviv death-scene of 90’s, Andriy “Ryba” Polyak, the leader of D.HATE, starts a new project in 2009. At the end of 2010 three members of the new project, still without the name, started the work. The search for the vocals lasted till early autumn, and once the new member joined the project the freshly created but very ambitious band got started with creating new material. D.HATE had its first appearance in Lviv, Ukraine, in October 2010, on the Halloween day. The band shared the stage with SADIST (Italy), VIRGIN SNATCH (Poland), CRIONICS (Poland) and others. From the beginning of 2011 D.HATE is very active in performing at concerts and festivals. In September 2011 D.HATE issues its debut album, “Game with Ghosts”, at the Metal Scrap Records. In 2012 D.HATE continues with explosive performances at concerts and festivals. In 2013 the guys appeared in Belgrade, Serbia, to be part of the Sabathon show. Currently, D.HATE is preparing to have their second album released, which promises to be of immense success.