Become FMS full package band during first week of August and get ‘extra FMS package’!

26 lipnja, 2014 in News by Stjepan Juras

Become FMS ‘full package’ band now. If you join Full Metal Service during last week of July and first week of August, ‘extra FMS package’ will be ready for you. Contact us as soon as possible for ‘extra FMS package’ conditions. Only 4 ‘extra FMS packages’ will be available during next days. Join Full Metal Service and find many interesting options for the progress and advancement of your band. By becoming members of Full Metal Service, you will get all what you need to improve your career.

– Huge metal festival database
– Huge promoter database
– Huge club database
– Huge metal label database
– Huge booking agencies database
– Non-stop cheapest buy-on slots worldwide (for tours and concerts with well known bands)
– Non-stop buy on ‘exotic’ tours in Japan, Australia, South America, India…
– Labels; searching / negotiating services
– Sponsors; searching / negotiating services
– Booking agencies; searching / negotiating services
– Worldwide PR services
– Worldwide promotion services
– Professional t-shirt, backdrop, album cover / booklet, poster etc. design for the cheapest prices
– Professional website design
– Business advice in all situations
– Professional advice while buying an used instrument or its assessment
– Discounts up the 30% for music instruments, equipment, merchandise, banners, backdrops…
– Discounts up the 50% for some of the world’s finest recording studios, producers etc.
– Promotional opportunities with the printed Metal Detector magazine
– Promotional opportunities with the online magazine
– Promotional opportunities with Detonator TV show
– Opportunity to appear at the Underwall Festival (
– Discounts up to 30% for the rental of vans and tour buses, backline, drivers, or anything else

Full Metal Service offers the services of planning and realizing tours for rock, metal, punk and other genre bands. Your tours, albeit headlining, co-headlining or support, are planned from the very start and successfully brought to their conclusions, and so that both sides can be fully satisfied, we also offer:

– Creating the tour name and concept
– Creating the tour’s promotional slogan or trademark logo
– Artistic decoration of the tour bus, van, etc.
– Preparation and printing of posters, banners, flyers etc.
– Preparation and creation of autograph-cards
– Merchandise conceptualization and creation (shirts, patches, hats, etc.)
– Creation of background stage backdrop in various dimensions
– Stage design and construction
– Tour travel route planning, booking club and festival dates
– Tour budget planning (vehicle rental costs, fuel, toll, road and various other taxes and expenses)
– Tour bus (nightliner), minibus or van (possibility of trailer) booking
– Taking care of ATA Carnet documents (used for temporary import/export of music instruments)
– Stage plot, and various technical and catering riders, channel list
– Constant e-mail communication with promoters, media, etc.
– Arranging interviews, photo sessions and other media-related tour activities
– Providing all the people necessary for a tour (driver, sound tech, lighting tech, stagehand, tour manager, production manager, security, other roadies if needed)
– Providing a person to sell merchandise within the venue
– Providing a licensed pyro tech and pyro licenses for your show, if you want it to contain fireworks